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Discover the artist within

Located in Ojai, CA | 

splatter paint experience, teambuilding, art workshop, healing arts, interactive art

Whether you've painted before or wouldn't know how to draw a stick figure my fun filled cathartic painting experience helps anyone at any level get down with their own freedom of expression. It's a perfect way to begin or end your time at

The Studio Interactive! 

What You'll Do:


First, my guests will suit up in paint suits, rain boots, goggles and gloves (mask optional).

Next, I'll have a bunch of balloons filled with paint you get to launch and explode in my custom built splatter zone.

After we finish launching and exploding paint balloons, I'll take the canvas off the easel and show you a few ways to drip, drizzle and drench the paint in exciting abstract art techniques.


With the full body suits, some people enjoy getting painted on as well or even letting their friends, family or coworkers throw paint balloons at them through the explosion screen.

While all this is happening, I will guide you through the whole painting process. I also make sure you leave with candid photos and videos of all the action so to remember your epic art adventure.

To Break it Down: 

This experience has two main stages; on the easel, getting the painting super covered with awesomely explosive paint splashes

and then flat on the table, where you get to go full Jackson Pollock, dripping drizzling and drenching!

Check out the video below to get a glimpse of the action!!

Letter From the Artist

Hey Everyone,

It's exciting to share my lifelong passion and profession with you. Here in Ojai, I own a dynamic 3,500sf. studio/gallery event space where I work mostly in a contemporary painting style. It's a fusion of multiple genres from impressionism to hyper-realism, surrealism to abstract figurative and have been selling my work for over twenty years now.

I'm deeply inspired by the life and culture of art and artists throughout history and love bringing a passion to the public.

Since opening The Studio Interactive I have been working with people from all over the world to create their own unique abstract artwork in wildly refreshing ways that put you right in the center of creative expression. 

If you have any questions or want to know more about what's available for you, email me at and I'll get right back you.


At The Studio Interactive, we help you discover the artist within!

See you on the inside,

Luke Lamar


As a city gal creative that has missed being creative, coming up to Ojai to throw and drizzle paint on a canvas was absolutely what I needed. My soul felt amazing after. Luke was patient and gracious and provided so many fun colors, technique ideas, refreshments prior and even bits of knowledge and reflections about Life. I really valued my time here, it was special.

- Cat June 2022

My fiancé and I absolutely enjoyed our time with Luke. His studio was spacious, inviting, and fully stoked with delicious refreshments, and everything you need to paint! We got to wear coveralls and even rain boots, which helped to protect our clothes from the fun paint throwing we were able to enjoy. It was great to be able to express ourselves through art in a way we’ve never done before.

- Heather January 2022

Luke is an amazing experience host. He allowed us the space and time to create art, enjoy the atmosphere and make lasting memories. We loved every minute of our experience!

-Amy December 2021

Kinesthetic, interactive, supercharged creativity, and ultimate nourishment for the soul of any inner artist whose ever been disconnected from their love for tactile creativity (especially in the digital age). From paint water balloons, to fun space suits, to sling shot paint balls, there is hands up no better splatter paint experience out there! Luke’s unique studio is much more than a studio, which you’ll be lucky to experience if you have the chance. I even met another kindred spirit here and now we are basically splatter paint besties.

-Jess May 2021

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